Sounds like a soap-boxy blog start, eh? Well, it is…today is one of those days where as a marketing therapist, I am starting to think that the majority of business people are a danger to themselves and others when it comes to marketing. But thank gawad I have a blog so you can all self-help and get smart and make your marketing healthy huh!? 🙂

Dangerours Marketing Case in Point: A company announces a local workshop event in an email today, yet there is no mention of it in their blog, on their website, in an online press release on the press page or submitted to local event calendars online (which are free and your local papers need to fill their event sections you know!)

So web marketing tip of the day is to say what you have to say, say it again and say it one more time – embrace MULTI CHANNEL MARKETING.

Never make assumptions and get over yourself. Just because you sent an email doesn’t mean that everyone will remember your message or save it, our time crunched nation does not work that way and marketers have to know that and find multi-channel ways to have their message available for their current and prospective customers. I read emails then I delete them, if it’s memorable and I want more information, then I go online or to a website to follow up. if I can’t find info again somewhere else, you may loose me and that’s not good customer service. If you do not use *all* of your marketing collateral to educate, inform, serve and sell then I do not want you on my therapy couch sniveling that your marketing isn’t working. It’s time to get smart and own all the great tools at your fingertips to make your marketing work!

Recycling isn’t just for cans and paper. Recycle or re-purpose great content over and over and over again (you took time to create the idea, make it successful!) and leverage all the powers that the web has given you. Email, blog, online press release, website clips, videos, work it!

Re-communicate and while you are at it, PLEASE make all your marketing consistent. Make your website look like your blog, and your emails look like your site…design consistency is important, brand and position yourself and show that you’ve got your consistency straight…if you don’t you may end up on our intervention page 🙂