I’ll never forgot a funny line, especially if it is marketing related.  A business colleague said once that he had lost his “mojo” (and he wasn’t talking about Austin Powers mojo….)

He was referring to professional/marketing mojo and about the ability to grow business.  With no mojo, he just wasn’t feeling it (and sans mojo, business was not so sexy….)

Marketing Mojo - YEAH BABY, YEEEAH!!!
Marketing Mojo - YEAH BABY, YEEEAH!!!

Mojo is defined (source: wordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn) as:

“a magic power or magic spell”

The key word here with mojo is POWER.  When professionals feel empowered, they feel powerful.  When professionals feel powerful, their “mojo” helps them attract the right clients, tap brilliant ideas, think big and grow companies.

Marketing mojo is critical to every business owner’s success, large or small.  Web marketing can be an incredible mojo maker…the process of creating web collateral like websites, blog posts, online PR, articles, strategic partnerships and more help make you feel supported, attractive and powerful.

Marketing is about building relationships…relationships happen when you can make a powerful impression (or cast a “spell” if you ask Austin Powers).  We cast spells by having our marketing mojo strong, clear and consistent.

If you need help getting your marketing mojo on, I know some bionic wild web women who can help you get your rear in gear!  🙂

We’ll help you get to the root of your issues to get your mojo back baby – YEAH BABY, YEAH! 🙂

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