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We received this amazing email today from one of our sparkling clients, Calla Gold, Santa Barbara Jeweler.  She hit her 100th blog post mark (way to ring in the Chinese New Year!!  Dragon marketing effort indeed!) When she shared her success with us, it melted our marketing hearts and kick-started the week on a magical foot!

The email below is a healthy example of celebrating success, having an attitude of gratitude and boosting our egos as marketing advisors, trainers and support people!!  **awwww! virtual web marketing magical moment**

Congrats to Calla on rocking the web!

Marketing Ego Boost – Golden Client Success (Email sent to WMT by Calla Gold, passionate professional and wild web marketer!!)

Hello Team,

I’m excited to look back and see that not that long ago, blogging was just a dream for me. Thanks to you all I have a blog and I know how to use it.

You branded me, you made my blog in the image of my brand and attached it to my shiny new website that you made happen so I could promote my own brand and taught me how to care and feed my brand and my blog.

You saved me from spinning off in a million promotional directions. You focused my actions with the marketing plan you made for me.

You’ve done so much to increase my visibility as a business. My blog posts regularly show up on search! It’s so cool. I was nowhere online with a seven year old static website when you met me.

Now I dominate the web in my niche and have a rockin non-static website. There’s a word for that. I’m sure you’d know it!

Thanks for the strategizing and advising  and guidance and encouragement. That means a lot. Today I posted my 100th post!

So this email here is my virtual 100th post party and here is the guest of honor #100:

Keep up your good work, I’m sure happy with the Web Marketing Team right now. For Sure!!!!

Happy Client,
Calla Gold

PS. And you can quote me!

Thank you Calla for your kind email and for being such a passionate professional!


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