Marketing intervention time! Any of these statements sound familiar?

“I’m too busy to _______” (blog, update my website, manage social media, work on an email newsletter)

“I have a big ____ (project, deadline). Once that’s over, I can get back to marketing.”

“I just can’t afford marketing right now.”

HELLO!! Tough love time:
Marketing does NOT have an On/Off Switch!

I have talked with too many people who treat marketing like an appliance. Marketing MUST be a constant in your business to work effectively.

Marketing is the act of building awareness, communicating, connecting, serving and selling

….marketing helps you make money honey!

When you start and stop marketing, it sends a spastic tone to the market. Do you post to social media regularly and then stop for a few months? Did you do a newsletter for a few quarters and quit? Are people subscribing to your blog only to get nothing for months?

The way you manage your marketing sets the tone for your business. 

FACT: Clients want to play on winning teams. If you are not playing to win, then clients will gravitate elsewhere.

I can’t stand seeing marketing lights off! 

Admitting you need help is the first step to recovery. If you are in a marketing slump, I invite you to reach out to us via the contact form on my website for a complimentary phone consultation where I will personally share some ideas and help you get on a better marketing path. It’s time to reach out for some healthy advice!

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