Sharing educational content is the way to truly harness the power of web marketing as a selling tool.

The era of “push marketing” otherwise described as pushing propaganda (big expensive ads, traditional media) is dying.  Dead.  Muerto.  Game over.

Empowering people through “pull marketing” tactics like educational content, informational videos, podasts, blog posts and articles is the way to breathe life into your marketing.

Marketing is a way to build awareness, communicate, educate, connect, serve customers…and sell.

It takes an average of seven touch points to make a sale.  Boost your visibility, credibility and sellability by adding MarkEDing (that is marketing with an EDucational touch) to your strategy.

People make purchase decisions based on relationships.  Get people to know, like and trust you by EDUCATING them on what they need to know (or better yet, what they don’t know but need to) to feel empowered to want to buy your products and/or services.

Think about it – you trust education, your prospective buyers will trust you too if you use the power of web marketing for MarkEDing.

What can you publish online that will help educate people?  Create the content then share it.  Ideas of how to share include:
-Blog Posts
-Online Articles
-Online Press Releases

Or better yet, help get those seven touch points accomplished sooner by employing the rule of “tell them, tell them what you told them and tell them one more time” and post educational content in multiple places.

Web Marketing Therapy ego check:  People do not use the web the same way.  Get over yourself.  Just because MarkEDing is on your blog does not mean someone will see it.  Recycle your work and post content in multiple places for multitasking marketing power!

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  • Thanks for the reminder Lorrie. After networking became part of our environment (think Ethernet) but prior to the Internet I worked for large computer companies where we were taught and encouraged to promote “push” technologies. Now that we truly have choices we decide what to engage with. We do desire useful information (which WE seek), to be entertained and to be inspired. Place that kind of (positive) information in places where we can locate it as mentioned in the article. We will enjoy and appreciate it. Then we’ll start looking for YOU…

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