One of the many parts of running an organization is being able to effectively manage your clients. What comes along with that responsibility often includes embracing their emotions -good, bad and sometimes ugly. In your work, you may encounter times when your client is stressed, confused, or overwhelmed and they might take that out on you -online or offline.

As a business professional and advocate for your brand, it’s your responsibility to help your client (and prospective clients) feel safe, heard and understood. Confident communications – via phone, email (one one one and marketing emails), social media posts, web pages and more are all a part of this equation. 

If you experience a client acting out, commit to being the bigger person. Understand why the issue occurred, take ownership and ensure the root cause are corrected for better clarity in the future. We call this “failing forward.” We’ve advised clients through more issues than we can count, always with the focus of moving problems into solutions. Web marketing is such an asset. Simple solutions have helped clients implement have included: creating FAQ pages after patterns of client stress emerge, making how-to videos for people who repeatedly need help and crafting series of educational blog posts to share via email and social media. Listen, understand and make optimizations to your communications.

Marketing is 100% about relationships. Your best customers are your current customers – take care of them.

Communicate clearly and confidently through your credibility, positioning, and posturing and you will stay strong!