Managing your online reputation is JUST as important as crafting a well-written cover letter or resume. In many cases, your online reputation is the first impression someone will make regarding your personal brand, product, or service.

Adam Dachls from says:
“Your search results can paint a picture of who you are to prospective employers, and if those results contain a number of negative items it can hurt your chances.”

This applies to prospective clients – not just employers!  Take that a step further – your brand search results can ALSO paint a picture of your product or services to prospective clients and customers.

According to Brand Yourself Web app data crunching, the following sites are the best at helping improve how you or your organization appear in Google search engine results pages:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • For blogging: WordPress
  • For posting videos: Vimeo and YouTube. Their data shows that Vimeo was better a option for posting videos than YouTube. I disagree because Google owns YouTube. Tell me, what do you like better Vimeo or YouTube?)
  • For photo sharing: Flickr
  • They also mention Brand Yourself and Zerply were at the top of the list. I did some research (see performance results for Zerply and Brand Yourself) and it is more important to initially focus on the above networking sites to build your online reputation before you move on to other sites.

Having a big ego when it comes to your search visibility is a-ok.  How Well Do You Rank in Google? BrandYourself Grades Your Ego Search and Helps Improve Your Results – check to see how you rank?

And if you need support, Web Marketing Therapy is happy to talk about online reputation management support. We can manage it for you and make ALL of the necessary updates or we can give you a customized to do list for you to get started now!

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  • These are great resources and I appreciate you highlighting you favs. I use YouTube because Google owns it. I honestly hadn’t heard of Vimeo.
    Does Vimeo have some magic voodoo which would make it rank higher than YouTube? Seems unlikely.
    Thanks Nikki for the great post!

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