Hashtags are a social media must. They serve to classify your post, ideally helping more people find your content.

Did you know in addition to creating relevant, on-brand hashtags, you also can make them even more accessible to help people find you or your company more quickly?

Your Korean dad’s IGTV video explains so well that capitalizing each word in your hashtags can make your content more accessible.

As he explains in the video, some people use screen readers, which allow people who can’t see, or can’t easily see, the words on a screen to understand the content by interpreting it and using synthesized speech to communicate it aloud.

Since there are no spaces between words in a hashtag, the screen readers aren’t given the cue that there are multiple words present — so they’ll usually try to read the phrase as one long word. If you capitalize the first letter of each word in your hashtags, the screen reader will have the indication they need and are much more likely to read the hashtag as intended.

Capitalizing each word in your hashtags also makes them more accessible for people with dyslexia or cognitive disabilities. Capitalizing the first letter of each word is a huge benefit for people who may experience challenges instantly identifying the patterns that make up words and the relationships between those words. Without spacing cues, many are excluded from the conversation, undermining the intention of the hashtag.

There is a reason to put more effort into the creation of your hashtags, not only so they are on-brand and intentional but to make sure that your hashtags are accessible to everyone. #MakeHashtagsAccessible