Healthy marketing stems from having a strong foundation including:

-smart marketing messaging
-clear sales value
-useful marketing collateral (website, emails, brochures, etc.)
-ability to create solid relationships

My marketing advice was inspired by a common pattern I see in small business owners, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals – professionals who get too caught up in “I can do it all myself” mode, which can make them dangers to themselves and others.

As a marketing educator, I believe 100% in being able to drive your own marketing, but that does NOT mean that you can (or have to!) do it all yourself.

Marketing Rx: Hire A Great Team

As The Marketing Therapist, I am proficient in web marketing, search engine marketing, social media marketing, branding, etc., but I am NOTHING without great web designers, advisers and legal support.

Case in point:  I was approached to write a book by a large publishing company.  I was so excited about the prospect of having a book that I could share with my students, clients, attendees from conferences and more.   I was smart enough to know, however, that sometimes I “don’t know what I don’t know” so I hired an attorney (a specialist in contracts for writers) who educated me on the five points that publishing contracts address and how my language in the contract (that I didn’t sign as it was -thank goodness!) could have been an oppressive marketing decision.

I VALUE expert advisory.  I RESPECT that I do not have all the answers. I LOVE the experts who I have on my virtual team who help me think about things I do not think about, teach me things I can do to make my marketing better and do work (like design, etc.) that I cannot do as well as they can.

Marketing is not an expense.  Marketing is an investment when you have a great team that challenges your current thinking, shows you things you didn’t see before, presents solutions and supports you in going where you want to go professionally.

Make your marketing matter.  Build that support network and don’t be cheap – tap the brains who can help you!

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