It seems that on 90% of our free consultation calls, I have to point out that a company’s website has poorly optimized meta tags.  Stuff like this bugs the *&^% out of me.  The bulk of people search for products, services and information via search engines and the majority of websites aren’t optimized to help search engines read them – AHHHHH!

My healthy self-help treatment to get over my frustration was to share (visually and textually) how to make the most of meta tags.  The following article is a great markEDing (marketing education that is!) way to check yourself before you wreck yourself search-visibility-wise.

My recent article is on Web Marketing Today Called Using Meta Tags for Search Engine Optimization.

No matter how your site was built (or who built it for you), be sure to pay attention to your meta tags.  This is a web marketing practice worth revisiting every 6 months.  Classic SEO tactics may not be as cool as new trends, but they last the test of time.

Virtual marketing hugs,
The Marketing Therapist