Someone asked me today what my #1 marketing success secret is.

I’m 100% sure they were expecting a geeky answer that involved website development, search optimization or social media marketing, and while we are experts in all those areas, I can’t credit any of them as top marketing steps that have made my company or my client’s companies successful.

The marketing method that has allowed Web Marketing Therapy to thrive for 10+ years isn’t about how we promote our company, it is how we work after the sale. Being service-centric is the foundation to marketing success. Our focus is consistently taking great care of our clients.

Marketing isn’t just about promotion. Marketing includes building awareness, managing communications, making connections, offering great service and generating sales. It’s so much easier to keep sales coming in when you take care of the people who chose to invest in you already!

We have never purchased an ad in all our years of being in business (with the exception of a local ad for my book, which was not published by our company, but by McGraw-Hill).

Want to pay the bills and have a sustainable business? Make good old fashioned customer service the core of all you do.

It’s one thing to tell a client what they need to do or what to buy, it’s a whole other thing to deliver it and keep delivering it.

You can know every web trick and use every hip, cool tool and have strong visibility, but if you don’t consistently deliver….forget about it!