Lisa Braithwaite, Public Speaking and Presentation Skills coach, was on the Wild Web Women Show to discuss her top Public Speaking Success tips with Lorrie Thomas and the Wild Web Women.

Listen to the show to hear Lorrie and Lisa share ways to overcome your public speaking fears and methods to reduce your presentation anxiety!

Lisa’s Top Public Speaking Tips:

1. Make it about the audience, 2. Rethink the rules, 3. Get them involved, 4. AND Be true to yourself

You can listen to a recording of the show on the WMT podcasts page or on BTR.

Read Lisa’s responses to the Wild Web Women Guest Questionnaire, to find out what Lisa’s #1 piece of WWW advice is and the number one thing she has learned as a web woman.

1. How do you use the web to help other people?
“One of my favorite ways to help people on the Web (besides my blog and other free resources I offer) is to connect them through Twitter and Facebook. Just yesterday I was talking to a Twitter contact who works for a company that provides resources for meeting planners looking for locations. I have three clients who are event planners and they’re all on Twitter, so I did a Twitter introduction so they could all start following and get to know each other. My worlds are officially colliding on Twitter; I’ve got friends and colleagues from all over the world and from different times and places in my life following each other.”

2. What is your #1 piece of “wild web woman” advice you want to give?
“Get out there! There are connections to be made and relationships to be forged, but it’s not going to happen if you don’t embrace social media. Take the time to try it, get help if you’re confused, and find out how it can work for you.”

3. What’s the most valuable thing you have learned as a web woman?
“That I can do it myself! It’s not hard to keep up a website, blog and social networking sites; you just have to make the time. Consider these activities as important to your marketing as any other activities you do. It’s easy to find help when I get into a technology bind, and it’s so satisfying to be in control of my own brand and my marketing.”

4. Besides email, what is the one web tool you cannot live without?
“That would be a toss-up between free stock photo sites and Twitter!”

5. What is your favorite Offline activity?
“Offline activity? What’s that? LOL

I love cooking, eating, reading about food, and shopping for food. Anything related to food is my favorite.”