Amy Parmenter, from the ParmFarm, was on the Wild Web Wo-Men Show to share Personal and Professional Growth advice with Lorrie Thomas and the Wild Web Women.  Listen to the show to hear Lorrie and Amy talk about real-life experiences that helped them grow personally and professionally.

Amy’s Top 3 Tips:

1. Don’t ignore your feelings

2. Plan for change

3. Avoid Deadlines

You can listen to a recording of the show on the WMT podcasts page or on BTR.

AND we are so grateful that Amy took the time to complete our Wild Web Women questions, please check out her awesome and educational responses below:

1.  How do you use the web to help other people?
“First, I’d like to think my blog is helpful, in that it encourages people to think and perhaps think differently.

Specifically though, one component of the ParmFarm (my blog) is the ‘Give A Listen’ interview.  This is a unique business model which turns every interview into a fundraiser.  In theory, for every click on the interview, the sponsor commits to making a donation to my guest’s charity of choice.  This means the guest is motivated to give the best interview, the non-profit gets free money at the cost of only promoting the interview, and those who ‘Give A Listen’ not only benefit from what they learned by way of the interview, they feel philanthropic for having done so.  Everybody wins.”

2. What is you #1 piece of “wild web woman” advice you want to give?
“Think outside the box – and by outside the ‘box’, I mean outside your computer!  In order to grow your business, online or otherwise, sometimes you really need to step away from the computer and remember how MOST people are spending their days.  How can you reach them?  How can you influence them?”

3. What’s the most valuable thing you have learned as a web woman?
“Great question.  I would say there is a lot of generosity on the web.  Because being online and trying to grow a business online – whether you are a blogger or web marketing guru – you’re actually still ahead of the curve.  So, I think that people who are the early adopters online tend to be entrepreneurial – not just in their thinking, but in their spirit and that is a very optimistic spirit which tends to be supportive, optimistic and generous.  There is more collaboration than competition.”

4. Besides email, what is the one web tool you cannot live without?
“I have really started to appreciate the benefits of twitter as a marketing tool.”

5.  What is your favorite Offline activity?
“Probably golf…but really anything at all that I can do with my husband.  When you spend as much time online as I do, it’s really important to nurture your relationships.  At the end of the day they are much more important than anything you will do online.”