I shared some advice with a website called CEO Nation in an article called Getting Your Business Out of the Gates FAST.

To succeed with a new venture, sometimes you have to “fake it til ya make it” marketing wise.  My tips from the article are below.  It can be as simple as starting with smart marketing assets.

“Getting a business out quickly in 2013 is simple – get out there with simple marketing assets to back you up. Entrepreneurs and business owners often wait til everything is perfect to launch a business. There is no such thing as perfect in business. Start small and snowball! To get a business out, professionals have to step out. Fixating on all the internal details is a must, but there’s no point if you aren’t out there promoting the business. Start talking to people and get networking and do it on the right foot with professional marketing collateral. Build a presence with a simple website (a one page site will often do the trick), have your logo established, have professional business cards, get a social media presence on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. We often advise our clients to “fake it til ya make it” – slow is the same as stop in today’s business world. If you have a product or service to sell, get out there.”

Other tips by great thought leaders (including goal setting, finding inspiration, etc) are in the full article.

Make it a 2013 to remember – get off the couch and get that biz going!