I spend my days advising inspiring professionals on how to use the web to build their business. Lately, I have noticed a pattern with folks who get caught up in the minor details of things, which is retarding their ability to look at the big business picture. I hope this post helps stop any unhealthy patterns and get you on a road to healthy marketing to = a wealthy organization (health is wealth, personally and professionally).

A common ailment in business is that professionals or organizational teams do not really know what they want or haven’t formally defined it. Or, they have lost sight of what they want, getting too entangled in details of working IN their business (aka the small stuff), which could hurt their ability to work ON their business.

Knowing what you want means having clear business goals, then using marketing as a way to support those goals…one before the other. Web marketing can support via a number of tools – blogs, video, websites, online advertising, emails, etc.

Know What You Want to OWN What You Want!

Example 1: Say your “want” is to grow your business to sell your business.  If you work on the business all day long and don’t hire help, then your “what you want” is not being supported by your actions.  (FACT: People don’t want to buy companies that are codependent on a leader, they want companies with great marketing potential and set systems that can be handed over.) Saying you can’t afford assistance to help with things like order taking, calls, systems development or marketing management is like saying you can’t afford to really get what you want.

NOTE: Self-diagnosing unhealthy behavior can be ugly, but sometimes ugly has to happen and be broken down to get to breakthroughs.

Example 2: Let’s say your want is to attract ideal clients (not a bunch of people you don’t like or want to work with). By being clear on what you want, you can make sure your website clearly communicates who you are, what you do and whom you serve (IDEALLY whom you serve) so un-ideal clients don’t even enter the sales funnel.  Don’t waste time marketing to people who are not ideal clients. Put your time and energy towards people who will matter.

Take a break from the computer and ask yourself what you really want.

I know what I want. I want to help organizations who are ready to invest in their success. My team and I have systems that help pre-qualify ideal clients. We often turn down business because it’s not the right kind of business.

I have no desire to sell WMT, I love being in love with the people I work with and I want the people I partner with to have a healthy life/work balance. We CAN have a great personal life and a professional work day that involves working with great people.

Success starts with knowing what you want, then you can own it. When you have that clear, then web marketing can have your back to get to you where you want to go.  🙂

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