Welcome to my ADD marketing brain. I couldn’t pick a focus of my post since I had two ideas that I want to share with you hence the clustered title. What you see is a melange of my must-shares today that can help you in marketing:

1. Stick to what you are good at

2. The power of relationships is SO important

The reason that the two are popping up together as marketing lessons is because I emailed my absolute FAVORITE client today because my book keeping records showed he owed me money. In fact, he actually didn’t, but my screwy quick books records (my book keeper comes Monday!) were not updated and I was trying to do a job that is not my unique ability. He laughed if off and sent me a cute email that said “stick to web marketing”. He was right, I shouldn’t have been doing a job that wasn’t what I was good at.

Lesson one – do what you are good at. I am a damn good web marketer and a rotten book keeper. I need to do what I do best and pay others to do the rest (the best)! Small business owners – this goes for you too!!! If you are not good at marketing, pay someone to do it, if blogging is something you need to do to grow your company, pay a darn good blogger! Success comes in cans and failure comes in can’ts…tap your talent and pick up talent where you need it!

Since I make a point to “fail forward”, I learned my lesson and want to help you do the same. I failed by not focusing on unique ability (I swear, I took a career assessment once that said “management without math, no joke!) and because of my error I wasted my time and my client’s time (I emailed him an “I’m sorry email and owned it at least!)

This lesson leads me to my other point… if it wasn’t for the rocking relationship I have with my client, my goof wouldn’t have been laugh-able.

The power of relationships is so important – it’s everything. Small and mid sized companies use the web as a marketing tool but the REAL MEANING OF MARKETING IS MAXIMIZING RELATIONSHIPS. I happen to run a marketing agency, but I am really in the relationship business. Relationships with my clients, relationships with my team mates, my strategic partners, my blog readers and my expertise to help you use the web as a tool to maximize relationships.

No matter what you are good at, do it in the name of valuing relationships. That is what it is all about at the end of the day, connection, collaborating and doing meaningful work….

Happy Friday!