The way you see yourself will determine how people see you. – Paulo Coelho

I read this quote on the Radiant Organizing blog and took a minute to ponder this from a mental self-image perspective, then quickly turned it into a marketing lesson (Oh, don’t act surprised, I breathe marketing…can’t help it!)

Just as the way we see ourselves will shift the way we are seen by others (ties into the law of attraction) this brilliant quote by brilliant Paulo Cohelo who wrote the brilliant book The Alchemist, there is a brilliant web marketing lesson here….

Your marketing collateral is part of your professional self-esteem – it needs to say that you mean business.  When you hand out your business card or people visit your website, read a brochure, read your blog, follow your tweets, etc – ALL OF THIS NEEDS TO PROJECT YOUR SELF ESTEEM.

In business, we want winners surrounding us.  You convey this live and with your online marketing collateral and even print items!  If your marketing collateral is dated, has spelling errors, is inconsistent in look/feel/message, it conveys a negative self-esteem message.  I am not saying you need to spend a ton on marketing design, but you do need to INVEST in marketing collateral that exudes confidence….and fix collateral that sends a low-self-esteem message.

believe you can, believe you can’t, either way, you’re right -Henry Ford

Your professional face (a la your marketing materials) need to say (all of them) that you are worth believing in.  If you would like a healthy marketing assessment, let me know by posting here or contacting us via email.

Healthy Marketing = Wealthy Organizations!


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