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Instagram is a “fast, beautiful and fun way to share your photos with friends, family (AND your target market). Snap a picture, choose a filter to transform its look and feel, then post to Instagram. Share to Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr too – it’s as easy as pie. It’s photo sharing, reinvented.”

Before you embrace any social network, there are some questions that you will want to ask before you invest the time and money to expand the reach of your brand. Let’s use Instagram as an example:

  • Is Instagram right for my Brand?
  • Will Instagram help me reach my current and target markets?
  • Will Instagram help me reach my marketing goals?

After these questions have been answered and a strategy plan has been built  – then it is time to execute! is definitely a worthy investment for your brand if one of your goals is to show people why they should get to know you. *Hint: This is a part of every brands list of goals.

The Instagram blog shared this story about Nic Adler, who runs the legendary West Hollywood venue The Roxy, and how he started to connect with LA music lovers on Instagram. He checked out the Instagram photos that were taken at The Roxy and decided to create an account for the venue itself.  Nic had these statements to share:

  • “We want to be where our fans are and we love being able to interact like this.”nickraeg instagram photo
  • “We started only using Instagram to post show photos and pictures from inside the building, but the thing we learned right away is that the photos don’t have to be only music related,” Adler says.
  • “The Roxy posts all kinds of photos now including art, scenery, and funny things we come across, while sprinkling in pieces to promote our shows.”
  • “The best thing you can do for your business on Instagram is show people why they should get to know you.”
  • @theroxy now has over 23K followers on Instagram and 311 photos.

Want to know who’s sharing photos at your business? Here’s a simple way to find out:

  1. Take a photo at your business, then tap the Where? field before uploading the photo
  2. Find your business in the nearby results or by searching for the location*
  3. Select your business, then upload your photo
  4. Once your photo has been uploaded, tap the location name that appears in blue text above your photo to see all the photos that have been tagged with that location.NPR photo

Here are some early adopter brands that are using Instragram well:

  • @npr
  • @JamieOliver
  • @abcworldnews
  • @redbull
  • @Threadless
  • @starbucks
  • @gucci
  • @burberry
  • @levisbrasil
The About page defines the goal of Instragram well: “When we were kids, we loved playing around with cameras. We especially loved how all the old Polaroid cameras marketed themselves as ‘instant’ – something we take for granted today. We also felt that the snapshots people were taking were kind of like telegrams in that they got sent over the wire to others – so we figured why not combine the two? Instagram came from that inspiration… to make sharing your life as instant and magic as those first Polaroid cameras.

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  • Instagram is a great platform to interact with customers and promote your business. When people share photos with your products and brands, their friends and family will have more impression on your brand subconsciously.Thanks for your post!

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