Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear iPhone . . .
Happy birthday to you! Cha Cha Cha!

Today marks the five year birthday of the iPhone, and I would say that plenty of people out there are so happy the iPhone was “born”. Did you know that 75% of the smartphone market – a whopping 218 million users – are on the iPhone? Including me (finally)!

I was almost the last of the Wild Web Women (ahem, Lorrie) to switch over and I cannot imagine my life without it!  So I wrote this Ode to the iPhone in honor of this special day:

you are myEyes (camera)
you are myEars (phone)
you are myScheduler (calender)
you are myReminder (alerts)
you are myConnector (texts)
you are myFun-When-I-am-Waiting-Somewhere (games)
you are myEncyclopedia (internet)
you are myGuide (maps)
you are myTimekeeper (clock, stopwatch, timer)
iPhone: I am so glad you are myPhone
you are always there for me

What does your iPhone do for you? Tell me in the comments below!


  • I know, I know…..I am so uncool for still being loyal to by crack-berry (it has it’s bugs believe me!) but the buttons on it…ooooh, I looooooove the Blackberry buttons to type!! Happy Birthday iPhone! My Mac and iPod hope to have a new brother or sister phone someday!!! xo

  • How do I love the iPhone… let me count the ways…

    Aside from several of the functions you mentioned…

    – The wifi hotspot – that came in handy recently when my router/modem was fried!
    – Random apps to keep me organized – Goodreads, myfitnesspal, etc…
    – Skydrive (most would use iCloud) – to access my documents from my iphone (or anywhere with a connection!)
    – The alarm function
    – Audiobooks from iTunes
    – Hootsuite app – check in to social media on the go!

    I’m considering leaving it at home while camping in a couple of weeks – am I strong enough? We’ll see!

    Thanks for a great article!

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