Alfred Lua of Buffer, a social media scheduling app, posted to the company’s blog dedicated to social media and online marketing offering up eight solid tips for perfecting your Instagram marketing strategy. To create this list, he consolidated data from over 20 different social media studies. From this, his tips were:

  1. Instagram’s young audience likes current, creative, and useful content.
  2. Posting frequently is not as important as posting consistently.
  3. There isn’t a universal “best time” to post to Instagram.
  4. Businesses cannot ignore Instagram stories (as in, ¼ of all Instagram users reported that they have ditched their usual Instagram activity in favor of watching Stories).
  5. Using both hashtags AND location drives the most engagement.
  6. Videos might overtake images as the most engaging type of content (so it might be worth it to experiment!).
  7. User-generated content drives growth and conversions (consumers who see a user-generated photo on your Instagram page have a 4.5% higher chance of converting into a customer).
  8. Caption length doesn’t affect engagement.

To see a more detailed explanation for each tip, take a look at his blog post here.