Hipster Barbie on Instagram, AKA Socality Barbie (@socalitybarbie), has taken the Instagram world by storm (#seriously #worlddomination #1millionfollowers) and given many of us comic relief with her mockery of an Instagram account.

The Instagram app was created to show spontaneity in life (#authentic photos) and, for some users, it has turned into a display of staged photos (that are staged to not look staged) to show others what a #blessed life they have. Socality Barbie’s array of photos include stage-not-staged scenic photos that employ tons of (useless) hashtags and emoticons.



Her account bio description includes “Authentic Living” – poking fun at those who try to pass off their Instagram pictures as #authentic but are clearly not.



From a professional and personal point of view, it is so easy to get caught up in getting just the “right” image for my social media accounts. So when Socality Barbie’s Instagram account was brought to my attention, it 1) made me laugh and 2) re-focused my view on what to share (or not to share).

This is social media – S O C I A L.  Be REAL, be you, being real isn’t perfect, so relax and have fun.

Thanks Socality Barbie for being so #authentic and funny!. I am ever so #grateful.