I am having some web anxiety – I have been blog tagged by Misty Gibbs, mompreneur and founder of www.MyInspirationLounge.com, a super cool get smart, savvy and inspired online destination. I normally poo-poo these kinds of things, but A. it’s a brilliant viral marketing B. Misty’s 6 things you didn’t know about her were so good I was inspired (guess that what the founder of an inspiration site is supposed to do, eh?) C. Blogging best practices are all about being authentic, so I better practice what I preach!

Here we go…6 things you didn’t know about the web marketing therapist:

1) I drew on myself. I have two tattoos, one on my back and one on my arm. My nieces wanted to be like “Auntie Candy” and took Sharpies to their bodies and replicated my tattoos. Uh, yeah, their mom was not pleased.

2) I got my undergraduate degree at 25 (I was on the 7 year plan – I put myself through school)

3) Before I was a wild web woman, I was a shop girl! I used to work at Saks Fifth Avenue (one of my “get my bum though college jobs”) I managed the intimate apparel department (I know more about bras then anyone should) worked for St. Johnknits and did personal shopping…dressed celebs, did the shopgirl thing, had a very-old-lady cult client following (I had 80-year old clients making me pies and having me over for tea, I loved my job, made no money but had fab clothes!)

4) I can’t leave a hotel without stealing the soap…seriously, I CANNOT leave without a bar in my bag!

5) My most decadent escape is making comfort food (soup, sandwiches, homey food) and reading cookbooks

6) I was a big nerd in school. Thank goodness it’s cool to be a nerd on the web and being a she-geek is lucrative!!

Below are my 6 tags…
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Ann Levine at Law School Expert

Lori Cooper of Wardrobe Wisdom

Roxanne Zbinden of Cielo Spa SB and Busy Working Moms Blog

In the name of blog tag, we share six things about me that no one knows, then tag six more people. Tag blog babes, you’re it!!!

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