Yep, my headline is all caps.

Yep, that means I am screaming.

You know why?  Because I am sick and tired of fixing “cheap marketing haircuts”!

You know what I’m taking about.  “Cheap marketing haircuts” is my Lorrie-ism de-jour that represents the people who think they are getting a “deal” by getting a cheap haircut.  These are the same folks who act shocked when their hair is a mess and they have to go to a PROFESSIONAL to remedy the cheap work.
1. The person who got the cheap haircut has to spend MORE time and money to fix the crap work and 2. the ethical smart professional now has to fix (and stomach) the bad work and listen to the sob story of the “poor victim” that GOT THEIR MONEY’S WORTH.

It’s not pretty no matter how you spin it.

What can this teach you about smart marketing?  LOTS.


I did a post a while back called “Beware of Loser SEM Sales Pitch Emails” and emails like the ones below are such a great example of what we can fall victim to if we believe everything we read and jump into cheap marketing cuts blindly.


_  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _

“Dear Website Owner,

65% of people searching the Internet will never find your web site unless
you’re ranked on first page of Google, MSN, or Yahoo. If I help you obtain
as much as 4 times more WEB traffic to your online business by promoting you
to the first page of the search engines would you be interested?

Our company is on the first page when you search on Google for our primary
search term “SEO Company.” We would like to do the same for your web site so
you can come up for your main keywords as well? All of our processes use the
most ethical “white hat” Search Engine Optimization techniques that will not
get your website banned or penalized.

This special SEO program includes:
. No upfront fees
. A month-to-month program
. More traffic guaranteed

Please reply to my email and I would be happy to send you a proposal.


“SEM Company (no phone number, no email address, no company name)”
_  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _ _  _  _  _  _

The good news is the difference between a bad haircut and a good one is usually two weeks 🙂  And, yes, I do make a living helping people “heal” their marketing to make it wealthy and my purpose on this web marketing planet is to empower professionals to be smart marketers but let me be very clear here……

If you call my company then hire someone cheaper that takes advantage of you (and delivers cheap and crappy results) and come back to me to fix your chop job, then you better be prepared to endure some of my tough love so your poor choice never happens again and my time is not wasted again un-doing some loser web marketer’s crap work.

We repeat mistakes in life until we learn from them.  When you choose to ask questions, do your research, think critically and be willing to OWN YOUR SUCCESS, then (and only then) do you win.

You have to be responsible for your success.  You win by self-educating to make smart choices.


Your Web Marketing Therapist (who needed to post this for her own personal therapy)


  • No kidding Lorrie! Just like all those other “amazing offers!” HA! I guess it’s just job security for you! Just like my situation: everyone learns all they need to know about training their dogs from either: 1) they grew up with dogs 2) their “Aunt Mary knows everything about dogs.” 3) The watch the latest and greatest popular TV show! Again, it’s job security for us…too bad their product has to suffer first…

  • TOTALLY! I love the tales (or tails in your case?) of the dog owners who get “boxed” training packages and wonder why they get so-so results….oh, live and learn. great analogy Joan – thanks~

    I do want to note as well that EXPENSIVE services do not guarantee premium results either, professionals have to find product or service professionals that they can partner with (yep, it’s pitching and catching people! we have to play together to win!) that are the best fit…I also find service providers with educational talents and strong listening/communication skills are top-notch.

    It really is up to us to determine what we define as “quality” and not settle.

    Quick and dirty choices are always quick….but you always end up dirty 😉

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