Fun fact: Our best customers are our CURRENT customers. Are you loving them to brand, build and boost business?

In marketing, I hear a lot of customers talk about ways to get new business, new traffic, new awareness.  While “shiny new” business is bodacious, so is doing shiny service on people who are already in your sales funnel!

wmt_heart copy1Of course, part of the sales process is to attract new customers, but please remember as you are marketing: Don’t forget to LOVE your current customers.

You did something right to get your customers – find ways to give them the best service, you are never done reminding people why they chose to do business with you.

Can you upsell them on new products/services? Check in with them to say hi, share news, offer free tips that are relevant and useful to them? Email check-ins, blog posts, greeting cards, social media posts, publishing press releases are a few ideas to get you to do some personal marketing self-diagnosing.

The majority of us in business can put marketing to work for current clients, not just to attract new ones.  Remember this as you look at your online marketing.

Virtual marketing hugs,
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The Marketing Therapist