Google+ LocalThere is a new addition to Google Places, now you can see reviews from people you know via Google+ Local. Discover great places through reviews and photos from people in your Circles. By adding your friends, family and experts to your circles, you’ll see local recommendations from people you trust in Search, Maps and Google+. When you search on Google for a place to go, the opinions you value are easy to find. Important tips to remember:
  • Google+ Local is an effort by Google to integrate social with your local listings.
  • It’s also an effort to get businesses into Google+ and become more transparent with reviews, pictures, and check-ins by Google properties whether mobile, maps, or search.
  • You can write reviews and upload pictures as a business entity.
  • For now, Google+ Business Pages and Google+ Local are separate Plus pages/listings.
  • Decide with Zagat: Make smart decisions with Zagat’s summaries of user reviews and its expressive scoring system that helps you make a decision based on Food, Service, Decor and Price.
  • Review your favorite places: Love the food but hate the service? Love the chicken but hate the pasta? Google+ Local makes it easy to share your opinions and photos as expressively as you can in real life.
Google+ Local

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