google-alerts-web-marketingToday while I was setting up Google Alerts for a client on a recent press release topic I came upon a great article by Forbes that really helps explain what changes have been going on with receiving regular alerts from Google regarding our client’s company news.

Web Marketing Therapy has always recommended that our clients use this free service provided by Google for keeping tabs on when their name is featured in the press, from blog posts, press releases and social media mentions. Google Alerts are email updates of the latest relevant Google results (web, news, etc.) based on specific queries that are entered i.e. company keywords, descriptive titles and searches.

Lately my teammates and clients have noticed that the usual Google Alerts emails have been coming in at a slower rate or sometimes not at all. To understand the changes read the entire article, “Google Alerts’ Are Broken.” 

This article by Venture Beat “7 apps to help you replace Google Alerts” also features alternative resources to find out where your company news is on the web.

I’ve signed up for TalkWalker and have been trying out Social Mention to see how they compare to Google Alerts. I’ll keep you posted here on the Web Marketing Therapy Blog if they can serve as a replacement solution for receiving news alerts.