As Wild Web Women we are always looking for ways to improve productivity and communication since we can’t simply walk down the hall and poke our head in our co-worker’s office. We are all spread out across the country! We have experimented with Twitter, Facebook and Yammer just to name a few, but in the end we typically come back to our origins…We are loyal Google Girls!

With limited storage on most hosted emails, we were finding that the abyss that is our inbox was being cluttered, was ineffective, was constantly getting too full (guess that means we are in demand-so no complaints there!) and we always knew we filed something away-but did such a great job of organizing that we couldn’t find it ourselves…ever find yourself in the same situation?

In walks Gmail. We already use their calendar, docs, notebook, analytics and webmaster tools, not to mention their FREE service of hosted email that uses your very own domain, but now we have shifted our other emails to Gmail as well! Goodbye storage issues, clunky user interfaces, and multiple email programs! Google has it going on!  You may already be using it for your personal email account…but check out how it can help with your business emails as well!

Gmail Highlights:

-You can send from ANY email address-even though I am connected to Gmail, I can still send from any one of my accounts, work or personal.

-You can chat with your contacts if they are online without opening a different application and you can easily see when they are available.

-You can label emails as they come in so they are easier to find later-you can assign multiple labels to the same email, which makes it easier to find if it addresses multiple topics

-The search options are great-you can search by sender, recipient, subject, words it does have or words it doesn’t have, by date range. Then you can choose where to search-sent mail, archived mail, all mail. This is a vast improvement over having to search each individual folder with limited search options

-You can instantly print maps or directions from your emails

-And last, but not least-Gmail automatically groups your messages by topic-you can open ANY message and it will show all threads of that message, even if you are opening up an older email…it updates it to show current replies as well!

    It doesn’t get any better than that with a FREE service!