Get Geeky - Get Google Stats
Get Geeky – Get Google Stats

We get asked a lot of questions about how to use the web as a great marketing tool and I always default to getting on my Google soapbox.  No matter how large or small your website(s) are, every small business owner MUST GET Google Analytics.  It’s free (free = good), the data tells you how people use your website, where your traffic comes from, what advertising (if any) works, how many visitors you have, where they come from and soooooo much more.  I was just in web data for the Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing site and saw a huge spike in traffic on a particular day last month (see data to the left).  I was able to drill into my observation and pull data just from that day, go to traffic sources and see that stumbleupon was a huge source of traffic that day. 

If you don’t obsess over what drives your web marketing, your web marketing may drive you.

Get Google Analytics, see what is making your site tick, leverage what is working and optimize what isn’t!
Oh, and Google is God…possibly…..