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Happy Friday my friends! For today’s Friday Funny I wanted to share with you a fun concept developed by my colleague Lorrie Thomas Ross and myself, playing on the famous book Eat, Pray, Love!

Tweet, Play, Like: One Woman’s Search for Why We Can’t Stop Searching the Social Web Across, Twitter, Blogs and Facebook is purely a fun concept at this junction, but we have high hopes for a book and movie deal (wink, wink). We’ve even been given a suggestion for the sequel Tumbl, Digg, Pin (Thanks for the suggestion Keir DuBois!).

But the big question is, who will play Lorrie Thomas Ross in the feature film??

Here at Web Marketing Therapy we recognize the importance of creativity in what we do. Heck, what’s more creative than creating a book cover for a concept as fun as the idea above!  Everyday we are asked to think creatively for our clients and internally for WMT; come up with clever slogans, artfully conceptualize SEO, construct a logo to encapsulate a company message, etc. With that I wanted to present a few inspirational quotes on creativity and the imagination! You can download any of these quotes for use as creative computer wallpaper.

Have a great weekend!

ETolle Creative Quote Web Marketing TherapyPicasso Creative Quotes Web Marketing TherapyRita Mae Brown Creative Quotes Web Marketing TherapyJohn Muir Creative Quotes Web Marketing Therapy(note: original image sources of the portraits could not be found and are not the copyright of WMT )

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  • I love the quotes! I love the book cover and I’m thinking Julia Roberts to play Lorrie. It has to be someone gorgeous and brave!

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