Browser Issues? Toss Your Cookies
Browser Issues? Toss Your Cookies

Today our team went back and forth on a weird photo uploading bug for a client.  We tried everything and did everything right in the upload, but her file wasn’t uploading.  She sent it to me to try and the geek games began.

I live to geek out and do web marketing therapy on things, so I was raring to fix this with my super savvy, however, much to my dismay, I too, came up sans roses.

Since there is nothing wrong with me that a little sugar won’t fix, I went to chow on Trader Joe O’s, spanks very much to Anne Orfila for introducing me to those… argh!

Then, face full of chocolate, it hit me.  Come on, you didn’t think I was just blogging to blog did you? There is a web marketing lesson in here…keep reading….

I did all the photo web work and our team also did all the steps right, so maybe it wasn’t us….my cookie therapy helped me self-actualize that our browsers had old cookies stored and the work was there!

So I went to my browser, hit TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, went to BROWSING HISTORY to delete my broswer cookies, then purged myself (of the HTML cookies, not the Trader Joe Oreos)

Toss Your Cookies, Purge Your Browser Files Baby!
Toss Your Cookies, Purge Your Browser Files Baby!
Once I tossed my cookies, I went back to the account, checked my file upload and viola!  Problem solved.
So your free marketing tip is to trust your work, sometimes it’s a simple browser refresh that can save you headache (and  $150/hour web tech that will charge you that to do what I just taught you!)  Oh, and try those Trader Joe Peppermint Oreos, oh my gawad!!  yum!

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  • This is a lesson I only had to learn ONCE! Now whenever there is a glitch I go straight to the cookies…the HTML ones and rid myself of the bunch! If only I had a Trader Joe’s close by, I’m sure I could rid myself of those cookies too! Thanks for the tip Lorrie-it really is great advice!

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