We talk a lot on the WMT Healthy Marketing Advice blog about the power of an organization’s online presence.  More and more, YOUR online presence is becoming a critical marketing asset to help you grow your career and/or to help you support work at your organization.

Personal Branding Webinar
Click here to register for the free personal branding webinar on 2-19-14 at 2:30pm EST!

On February 19th at 12:30pm EST, I will be leading a FREE Wednesday Webinar on Personal Branding for InternetMarketingClub.org.

It’s important to align your online efforts toward a common goal (site, blog, LinkedIn profile, Twitter, G+, Facebook and more).


In my upcoming webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Manage relationships between yourself and the professional world
  • Optimize your personal branding portfolio across web and social media channels
  • Build credibility and visibility through careful posting

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