I always preach the power of making money by doing the simplest marketing tactic that too many of us forget – taking care and serving your existing customers! Tapping your “low hanging fruit” is one of the SMARTEST ways to support your small business and make money honeys! It’s great to recruit new business and attract new prospects, just don’t forget the power of taking care of the people you already sold in the first place! You nailed the know, like and trust factors with them and got the lead or sale – keep the love alive and take care of the people that take care of you. My free therapy doesn’t stop there!
Your best customers are your CURRENT customers!
Your best customers are your CURRENT customers!

Pamela Sherman, one of my former UCSB Extension students, respected colleagues and someone I am trying to recruit (because she is so fab!) and I email web marketing she-geek marketing emails back and forth periodically and I was so inspired by her recent marketing savvy email that I had to share it (in true copy paste form) She is working with clients to tap the power of serving and upselling existing clients in her consultancy and is one smart cookie – she understands the power of web marketing and sent this email to her client:

“Look, this low-hanging fruit sales strategy isn’t enough… We need to be reminded, especially now, that customers aren’t bound to hit you on the head like an apple dropping out of the sky… We need to reach out further to where they live… We need to use the WEB to catchand create these opportunities with customers. That’s what will bring you fruitful results!”
I couldn’t have said it better myself! Another wild web woman is out infecting the marketing world – I love it! Tap the power of low hanging fruit and you won’t need so much marketing therapy 🙂


  • Could you explain a little more on the low hanging fruit? I don’t quite understand, but I might be a little dense. Also, I just started following your blog so I might have missed a few posts.

  • Hi Aimee!
    I am so glad you are following the web marketing therapy blog! Low hanging fruit is an analogy for fruit that is low on the tree (meaning easy to grab) Marketers use this term frequently in reference to “easy to grab” customers, low cost/no cost marketing opportunities or easy money makers.

    Before I was a wild web woman I worked in retail management (Saks Fifth Avenue shop girl!). I learned back then that although we were in the business of selling goods, we were REALLY in the customer service business. We didn’t just wait for new sales to come in the front door, we made a commitment to take care of our existing clients (the low hanging fruit) by keeping the love alive with phone calls, personal shopping, invitations and thinking about their needs before they did.
    My blog post talked about how our best customers are our current customers and although they may have sold once, that does not mean we are done selling to them! They are low hanging fruit because you already created a relationship with them, you made it over that hurdle, so they are an easier sell.

    Tapping our small business “low hanging fruit” can be up-selling or re-selling to existing customers, using EASY low cost tools like email, blogs, web pages, etc to serve and attract new clients – ultimately it’s all about thinking of no-brainer ways to leverage what you’ve got to get what you want (and we all want to succeed in business!)

    Examples of ways to use what you’ve got to get what you want with small business (and tap the power of low hanging fruit):
    -If you have contact lists (email or snail mail), they are low hanging fruit. Email them or send postcards with news!
    -If you are an expert, use that expertise to write articles, blog or podcast!
    -If you have a great product, showcase it on the web (a great website done right the first time will be a capital expense that will sustain you for the long haul!)
    -If you are a locally based business, get on the free Google and Yahoo maps for free visibility!

    I hope this helps, I really appreciate your questions (and it was a great question)!

    Here to help you invest in healthy, meaningful marketing to make you wealthy!
    The Marketing Therapist

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