marketing over coffeeThanksgiving is around the corner so I thought I would give a shout out and a “THANK YOU” to my favorite bloggers! I categorized my list of bloggers for you because I rock. Next time you need a break, check out my favorite marketing motivation, creative inspiration, and comic relief bloggers.

Marketing Motivation
Marketing Over Coffee (podcast)
Penelope Trunk
MashableThe Sartorialist
Google (not really a blog however leads me to GREAT bloggers)

Creative Inspiration
The Sartorialist
The Coveteur
The Selby
Apartment Therapy (specifically House Tours)

Comic Relief
Hello Giggles (specifically Molls’ Five Favorite Things of the Week)
The Ellen Show (specifically the Naughty Audience Dancing videos and Bad Paid-For Photos)
Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me (podcast)

ANDDD I am thankful for YOU! Thank you readers for reading our blog – we appreciate you!