When speaking and coaching aspiring entrepreneurs, I find I share a lot of my my personal lessons. I’m sharing them here to make them more accessible. May my tips help make some of my entrepreneurial marketing perspiration into helpful inspiration!

1. Let go of the ledge. Waiting only delays progress.

Mental blocks about needing extra credentials, experience, degrees, money and more delayed my venture into starting my own company. In retrospect, I could have started my own business so much sooner! I entered the workforce with an “old rules” idea that I had to work jobs I didn’t like to gain experience. I wasted a decade working for other people before I left the confines of corporate hell to work on my terms. If you are ready to own your success, then why wait?

2. You can work and market on your own terms!

I grew up working for a machinist father who was a “slave to the man” working 7am-6pm and every Saturday. My role models didn’t know of other options and for decades, I didn’t realize that I didn’t have to work under bad terms or someone else’s terms! You can work and market your products and services in a way that works for you. Marketing is more than design, it’s how you communicate, bring customers into your business…even the way you communicate with prospective customers to help work with clients you want and like!

3. Working hard doesn’t mean working all the time.

We work better when we take breaks. In my younger years, I tried to show how “hard” I worked by working all the time and I burned out constantly, getting sick all the time. We need to unplug to recharge.  I had to have a baby to set realistic start and stop dates. You don’t have to procreate to learn this lesson. Remember that respect is reciprocal. Be mindful of how you show colleagues and clients the hours you work (emailing and being available nights and weekends can show that you don’t manage your time well, which can be an entrepreneurial marketing no-no). Work regular hours and work SMART.

4. Being a doormat isn’t going to get you ahead.

When I started my business, I felt like I had to be polite to get ahead. That was naive and stupid. If things can be done better, smarter and more creatively, then SPEAK UP.  I grew my career once I stopped being “nice” and started being great – owning my talent, my expertise and sharing my opinions. Do the same and your marketing power will multiply.

5. You are the CEO of your own career. Market accordingly.

No matter where you work (for yourself, for others) you are never done managing your career.  It is YOURS to own and drive. Make sure your website and marketing assets support you and position you properly. Don’t let anyone else drive your marketing for you!