Being a domain maniac = domainiac is a healthy web marketing obsession.  I recommend securing all versions of your domain.

Example:,, to prevent other companies from using a similar domain and confusion users.

Note: I DO NOT recommend redirecting all the .net’s, .info’s, .biz’s to your main domain (usually your .com), I just suggest OWNING them so nobody else can.  For SEO, the best redirect is NO redirect 🙂

To further enable shop therapy ways, WMT’s Client Treatment Specialist introduced our clients to the new .co domain.  I wanted to extend the “webdom” to you.

You can participate now in the “priority” pre-registration program if you are interested in protecting your domain or brand.  We feel that the .co is the first truly global, recognizable domain to come along in years….it is just one “m” off of .coM and .co also sounds like CO, an abbreviation for “Company,” “Corporation” and “Commerce”,

.co is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. It offers international recognition in a fresh landscape where you can still choose the name you want, not just settle for what’s available.  Becoming a .co DOMAINIAC is also healthy because “.co” websites are a common destination for internet users mistyping website addresses ending in top-level domains such as “.com”, “”, “.ca”, and “”.

Fun Fact: It is estimated that 15,000 internet users per day unintentionally visit

Domainiac Shop Therapy:
This is your chance to get your web marketing shop therapy on and secure the .co extension of your brand before the eager public (or competitors) have an opportunity to get a hold of this (and try to re-sell it to you for thousands of dollars).

You can go to your domain registration company to buy.  Costs to “pre-register” this .co domain are:

Priority Pre-Registration (closes July 13, 2010)
$299.99/yr – Recommended If you want a better chance of securing your popular domain before General Availability opens.

Standard Pre-Registration (closes July 20, 2010)

Healthy Web Marketing Advice session closed.  We’ll see you again soon for your next marketing therapy appointment online 🙂

-The Marketing Therapist


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