When I started out as an entrepreneur, the phrase, “Do you want fast, cheap or good? Pick two.” was something I kept hearing over and over again.

It never landed right with me.

I know, I know. You can’t always have it all…but…

What this “fast, cheap, good” phrase implied to me as a marketer diminished the concept of value.

As the CEO of a marketing optimization firm, I always want my clients to receive the best value, and while I understand cheap doesn’t always mean good, that phrase implies we have to settle.

And who wants to settle? I sure don’t!

You CAN have it all and get the best from marketing service providers.

It’s time to elevate your marketing expectations – choose value!

For marketing services, “Fast, Cheap, and Good” does not apply.

Focus instead on Expertise, Experience, and Expense.

When you are hiring a marketing solutions company, you need to have a team who knows WAY more about a particular type of marketing than you ever can know or do. Expertise is not just how long someone or some team has been doing this, but how well and how adept they are at it. I always say to my team “We get paid to be great, not nice.” Of course, we are VERY nice but if a client asks us to do something that is not in their best interests, we don’t say yes. We speak up, educate them on the best possible solutions, and prioritize “nice to have’s” over “need to have’s.” The saying “you get what you pay for” is all about expertise.

In this case, experience is not how many years of experience your marketing team has, it’s about the experience you have working with them. Is your marketing team responsive? Do they allow you to do what you do best and handle the rest? Is working with them enjoyable? Are you seeing results? Is your marketing team proactive? Are they coming to you with solutions? Are they growing with you? There is huge value in hiring marketing vendors who are a pleasure to work with.

Is the cost of your marketing solutions company aligned with the value they provide? Part of the solutions we provide at Web Marketing Therapy is auditing marketing practices and vendors our client uses. When a client shows us what they spend with someone, then tells us how much work they have to do to support the vendor (which is instantly a red flag) or how long it takes to get them to reply, or my favorite…they aren’t sure if the cost is worth the benefit, then it’s time to re-evaluate the expense.

You deserve to invest (expense) in experts who provide a wonderful experience.

Why fill your business life with C- marketing service providers when you can invest in sustainable marketing solutions?