I couldn’t agree more with Lorrie Thomas Ross’ statement about web marketing tools and marketing success:

“It is not the tools. It is how we use the tools that matters.”

The marketing tools available to us to drive our web marketing are endless! But these tools don’t drive themselves – you have to drive them!   It’s time to plan out what tools you need and learn how to drive them. I’ll give you an example.

Let’s say you are interested in using Google Adwords for your business, but you don’t anything about it. Well, you can start off by educating yourself on the tool. Google Adwords has free online classes on the subject and you even get a free certificate after completing the course. Cool, right? Once you’re done with the course you’d be a smarter strategist and you’d probably feel more comfortable using the tool. With the basics down, you’d be able to try it out first hand now. Remember, first you need to get the basics down before you jump in the freeway!

There are also “cruise control” features out there to help you drive towards marketing success.  We live in a new era filled with thousands of resources, most which are free, that can benefit our marketing needs. You need to schedule social media posts in advance? There’s an app for that. You need a tool to track your website data? There’s a site for that. You need to learn the basics of marketing? There’s a book for that.

Start by getting clear on what your destination is.  What do you want and need to put your marketing attention on? Ads, social media, blogging, press releases?

First learn how to drive the car, then practice driving the car at a slow pace, preferably with a driver in the passenger seat, and once you’ve got it all down, get on the pacific highway and enjoy the ride.

The steering wheel is all yours. You want to drive to the city of marketing success? You can get there!