Social Media Do's and Don'tsOne of the best ways to connect, converse and convert is through social media content creation – sharing helpful, relevant and educational content on channels like Twitter, Facebook and blogging is low cost (and often no cost) and is scalable.

Know that while you may be producing social media content, you might not always be engaging in a meaningful way.

Here are some of WMT’s Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Marketing Content Creation. While we have seen the addition of new platforms over the years, the rules of engagement are still the same!

  • DO focus on content that is about more than just your organization- write content that educates people on reasons WHY they want your product/services rather than the WHAT or HOW your company, product or service. Social media content is about you, not your customer!
  • DON’T share content that is ONLY about your company or organization. (I know I said that above, it’s so important I had to to say it again!)
  • DO become a hub of information by sharing your great content! Save your reader’s time and energy by posting it all on your social media platforms.
  • DON’T become overwhelmed by the feeling that you need to personally come up with all your social media content. You can often reuse email content, messaging from press releases, and resharing old blog posts (if they are old but still good, repost them!)
  • DO embrace the three V’s of social media marketing – Value, Values and Voice!
  • DON’T avoid social media marketing!