“Dress like you mean it.”
– Ted Gibson

My dear friend, Roxanne Zbinden, owner of Santa Barbara Day spa Cielo Spa and I were talking about the importance for business owners to “Dress like we mean it”. She emailed me the quote above today and it got me thinking about web marketing….

“Dress for Success” advice applies to our web marketing too!  Is your website design dressed like you mean business?  Does your email design show that you are professional?  Is your web marketing put together, polished, organized?   Does it say success?

Look critically at your web marketing (website, email newsletter, Power Points, PDFs, blog, etc.) and ask yourself if your web marketing design says (I mean really says that you mean business).

Web Marketing Therapy has staged many web design interventions because we see how talented a client is, but their web marketing didn’t quite “dress the part”.  Remember, Letting Your Web Appearance Go Is a Sign of Professional Depression!

Make your marketing matter….a little facelift in your marketing design can make a BIG business difference!


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