The Wild Web Women learned a valuable lesson today:  “Do What You Do Best And Pay The Others To Do The Rest.”

Our busy, wild, and super smart Boss Lady created a podcast show: Ask the Marketing Therapist on Blog Talk Radio.  This morning, we attempted to do our first Blog Talk Radio episode and let’s just say it was a great learning experience – wink, wink.  Unfortunately, she did not ask for enough support upfront and our scheduled, 30-minute show, ended up being a little less than 2 minutes.

Lorrie, Wei, and, I immediately got on the phone to troubleshoot.  We realized that the Boss Lady did not have the bandwidth to handle everything (managing Blog Talk Radio (BTR), sales, marketing, accounts payable, accounts receivable, & janitor.)  Boss Lady also realized that she could not become a Blog Talk Radio expert in 24 hours – instead she needed to hire experts (Wei and I) to help her.  I took over and scheduled a test episode with Wei so we could simplify Blog Talk Radio for Lorrie and do what we do best (Strategy, Training, Execution, etc.) and so Lorrie can do what she does best which is, Teaching, Speaking, and More.

Even a web marketing expert, like Lorrie, knew that she is not an expert in everything and she needed to hire web marketing experts like herself to help her business.  Save yourself money, time, and headache pain and hire experts to help boost your business!