published an article titled “Top 25 Digital Marketing Tips & Ideas from the Pros” that includes advice from WMT’s very own, Katherine Garcia! is dedicated to helping small businesses succeed by providing useful tips and information to their readers. We loved that Katherine’s insight and advice made it into the piece.

Katherine serves as a Digital Marketing Manager here at WMT, and has years of experience in social media marketing. She supports and advises brands in all areas of web marketing, so her expertise fits perfectly into the article’s content. In the article, Katherine points out that just like many other areas of life, consistency is key, especially with your company’s visual brand.

She recommends using Canva to create graphics and ensure consistency with your brand’s visual social media content. She sets Canva accounts up for her clients allowing clients to use the same fonts, and colors. She teaches them how to use a consistent style for all web and social media spaces. If you don’t know the exact colors that are being used on your website, there is no need to worry!

Katherine makes reference to this website so you can easily figure out the colors that are being used on your site and then insert them into Canva. Once you make your graphics for social media, she advises you save them with descriptive phrases in order to help boost your SEO and increase visibility. With these helpful tips in mind when creating your social media content, your brand’s social presence will be one of the key factors in ensuring your business’s success.

There are many other valuable tips mentioned in the article including one with Jordan Scheltgen, the founder of Cave Social, who talks about the importance of engaging with other businesses who have similar customer bases as yours. This reminded me of the #CommunityOverCompetition hashtag I’ve been seeing everywhere on Twitter amongst creatives. It’s so important to create and cultivate relationships with clients and other businesses in order to both build up and cheer each other on, and I loved that the article included this tip in their article!

If you want to learn more digital marketing strategies, be sure to check out this article and Katherine’s feature (she’s number 21 in the article, but to us, she’s #1)!