A web marketing neophiliac is someone who craves anything that is new web marketing-wise instead of taking care of what they already have. An example of web marketing neophilia is neglecting optimizing current web assets that need optimization (websites, social media, blogs, design, messaging, branding) and instead always doing new things: new sites, new ads, new new new.

Do you remember the Girl Scouts song, “Make New Friends“?  The lyrics go like this:

Make new friends and keep the old, one is silver and the other is gold.

At WMT, we LOVE new digital marketing things, but we do lots of interventions on clients who neglect what they already have and can’t quit their addiction for the “shiny” “new” stuff.


Are you a web marketing neophiliac? Symptoms include signing on to new web marketing contracts before doing a full marketing analysis, over-designing things are great already, or jumping into new technologies.

The Rx is to focus on really matters, customer service, cleaning up the website you already have, making sure you are focusing on need to haves first. It’s important to focus on what your business needs before you focus on nice to haves. It’s all about prioritizing.

Virtual Marketing Hugs,
The Marketing Therapist®