If you want successful content marketing, you need to take a lot of Vitamin C….

…C as in Consistency!


Content marketing consistency is critical to maintaining credibility and showing that you mean business!

Here’s an example of marketing inconsistency: Blogs come out twice in a week, but nothing for over a month, updates to social media pages happen once every few months, or not at all. A company is really strong on Facebook, but is not doing much on Twitter or Instagram.

Consistency is key. Parenting experts stress it, exercise professionals demand it, health and wellness coaches promote it. And this healthy digital marketing advocate declares it a must too!

Inconsistency disorder is quite common, and fortunately, is easily treatable. Being consistent with digital marketing can feel complex, so here are some ways to make consistency simple.

Take these stress free, simple tips to pump up your digital marketing!

1. Have a content plan
Too many marketers fail to plan, which is subconsciously planning to fail! Planning your content ahead of time is a great way to keep on top of updating your blog/social media/website consistently! And don’t suffer! Make the planning process fun!

Here is a fun and easy way to plan social media posts – start by searching national holidays and observances. If your organization is outdoorsy, you could make a social media post about “National Take a Hike Day” (November 17) or “National Eat Outside Day” (August 31)! There are national observances for EVERYTHING, foodies, pet lovers, health nuts, you name it, you’ve got it. Search and plan ahead!

You can also follow social media trends such as “#MotivationMonday” or “#TipTuesday”. Even having simple plans such as just making sure you post every Tuesday and Thursday can really boost your virtual presence!

2. Set it and forget it
Save yourself stress by pre-scheduling your posts! There are all kinds of tools such as Hootsuite or Sprout Social to help you easily manage and schedule all your social media posts. And don’t forget that there is nothing wrong with recycling old content! If it’s good content, reuse it!

Set your Hootsuite to post a great blog post once every 3 months on Twitter, Facebook and Google+!

3. Embrace the power of recycling
My last tip under #2 was so handy, I’m turning it into a whole point. RECYCLE to keep content consistent! Recycling isn’t just for cans and paper. Recycle or re-purpose great content over and over and over again (you took time to create the idea, reuse it!) and leverage all the powers that the web has given you.

You do not have to reinvent the wheel! Re-share an old blog that is still relevant or take a great graphic that you made on Canva and turn it into a blog post. Put the image into a blog post and type a short blurb about what that image means and then share it!

4. Ask for help
Yep, get over yourself. Ego check time! You can’t do it all alone! I know that it’s hard to hand over responsibility, but it is impossible to succeed if you try to do it all by yourself. Instead, do what you do best and delegate the rest.

Confession session…I love writing, but for me, getting started is my biggest hurdle. I’ve got client to take care of, blogging here often takes a back seat! To make writing happen, I have a call weekly with one of WMT’s teammies. She types while I talk (and oooh, can I talk!) then she gives me a recap of the marketing topic and tips and voila, I edit, publish and social share my blog posts. This approach saves time and allows me to use my strengths!

Asking for help to stay consistent is A-ok!

I just met with one of my clients last week who does a lot of video. I showed her how to go to her YouTube videos and pull the transcript and copy and paste it into a text pad to repurpose her text into a blog post…even if you don’t have the budget to pay someone, you can “delegate” to technology!!

Being consistent doesn’t have to follow a set formula. It’s just staying out there. Different approaches work for different people. Cater your content plan to your organization! By setting a consistent plan and using healthy and manageable marketing tactics, your social media marketing will be the boost your business needs!

Happy, healthy marketing!

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