Let’s face it, marketing can feel draining at times, even when you are doing work that you love. There are many ways to make your marketing more energetic and lively.

The true meaning of marketing is maximizing exchanges…exchanges are relationships!

Sales, likes, contact form submissions, renewals, email subscriptions…this definition may sound a bit fluffy, but at the end of the day, marketing is all energy!

If you feel that marketing spark is a bit dull, take a moment to pause and reflect.

What are things that give you that spark or light you up?

For Lorrie Thomas Ross, she gets energized when she is writing her personal weekly emails to her Rebel Circle members and pouring through client photos to get ideas for social media posts.

When our team is managing marketing, we have energizing work hacks too. We love aromatic scents like brewing coffee and diffusing essential oils to help keep the energy flowing. There are specific scents that can help relieve stress, or curb your appetite, or help to ward off headaches. If you want any tips, contact us, we would love to send you tips (we geek out on this stuff!)

Here are some other ways to energize, or re-energize your marketing:

Marketing should never feel icky, yucky, stressful or overwhelming.

If it does, know that behind the problem is a huge opportunity to create new marketing solutions!

If you do find yourself feeling unsure of what to focus on, whether or not the path you are on is right or if you just want some healthy advice, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for a complimentary consultation!