It came to my attention today that I have a pattern of advising patients to buy ALL versions of their domain name (Example: I own,, I also realized that this advice tends to be a little on the control-freak side….but for good reason.

Your domain is probably one of the most (if not the most) valuable pieces of real estate to support and build your business. Why risk having someone tap your brand, positioning and identity and build their company under a url that is the same name (with a different suffix) as yours?

I am Lorrie Thomas, I built my first company called Lorrie Thomas Web Marketing in 2005, and I own but I also got over myself a long time ago. There are other Lorrie Thomas’ out there in cyberspace. When you Google my name, the SERPS usually pull a combo of my websites and the ones of very successful realtor named Lorrie Thomas in Georgia.

To secure my SERP (search engine results page) space for the future, I gobbled up the other domain versions of lorriethomas – dot- whatever just in case.

Web Marketing Tip – buy all the versions you can of your domain name.

.BIZ, .MOBI, .INFO., .NET and versions of your name (Example if you are a web marketing therapist buy marketingtherapist and themarketingtherapist domains)

Sometimes being a control freak is ok, especially if it is securing the hard work you are doing to build your web credibility, visibility and sell-ability.