Sheryl Sandberg opened up a flurry of opinions and enthusiasm when she discussed women and their careers in her book “Lean In.” Continuing the “lean in” discussion, online learning company, selected five video course instructors (including WMT’s Lorrie Thomas Ross) and shared their helpful career development tips in a Slideshare presentation titled: “Five Ways for Women to “Lean In” to Their Careers in 2014.”  The advice ranges from getting out of your comfort zone, the importance of personal branding and managing your career to negotiating your worth to values and vision leadership.

Business News Daily staff writer, Nicole Fallon also highlighted the best five quotes from the “Five Ways Women Can “Lean In” to their Careers” presentation in her article: “5 Changes That Will Take Your Career to the Next Level.”  Tips follow.

  • Disrupt yourself to get to the next level. Speaker Whitney Johnson inspires people to shake things by using the power “disruptive innovation” to their own careers. She encourages people to actively take the right risks, play to their distinctive strengths, all the while understanding and recognizing constraints. Johnson admits this will not be easy and that you may step back, sideways or even fail in the process but that eventually, your strategy will emerge.  Quote: “Learn how you can disrupt yourself.”
  • Tend your personal brand. Personal branding expert (and our company CEO), Lorrie Thomas Ross points out that people need to be aware of the personal brand they are building every day, through their actions, ideas and their online presence. Quote: “Be intentional about the brand called you.”
  • Proactively manage your career. Valerie Sutton recommends people seeking their dream job create a gap analysis to map a path to it. First, they will need to determine through research the requirements needed for the ideal position. Then, they will need to identify which requirements are missing from their skill set (gaps) and come up with a plan to fill them in. Quote: “You can shadow others through informational interviewing to think through how you might fill some of those gaps.”
  • Claim your worth. Lisa Gates contends that learning how to successfully negotiate your salary and career opportunities is critical to career success. Lisa also affirms that every savvy leader is also a strong negotiator who knows their worth and is not afraid to claim it. Quote: “To be successful in negotiation, it’s best to walk in prepared.”
  • Lead with vision and values. Britt Andreatta contends that people want vision and values from their leaders. Leaders who clearly articulate their values and vision for the future, will build a healthy and positive culture. Quote: Having a clearly articulated set of values and a vision for the future, both contribute to a healthy, positive culture.”