As most of you know, October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  The WMT team wanted to do our part to spread awareness and encourage everyone to stay informed.  In years past, our company donated 1% of our gross annual sales to the Breast Cancer Fund.  Making a donation is absolutely one way to help, but there are other ways you can get involved!

The Susan G. Komen for the Cure website shares easy tips:

  • Donate
  • Find a local race for the cure
  • Become an advocate
  • Participate in an event
  • Find a local affiliate
  • Join Circle of Promise
  • Participate with Passionately Pink for the Cure
  • Join KoMEN
  • Careers
  • Israel Race for the Cure

You can also stay involved and up to date via Susan G. Komen for the Cure Facebook, @KomenfortheCure on Twitter, and their YouTube channel.  There are great resources on Breast Cancer Fund as well.  I personally enjoy reading this blog: Right now they are publishing a blog series called 31 days of impact. Komen for the cure blog shares: “Every day in October, we are posting a new story about Komen’s impact and work in the fight against breast cancer told through the eyes of breast cancer survivors, researchers, community health workers and advocates.”

Lastly, I am sharing these two videos to inspire you to stay involved.