“How do I know what key words people are searching on to focus my SEO efforts on?”

“I am buying words on PPC, but how do I know what words I can add based on what works?”

…These are common questions asked when managing search engine marketing whether it is boosting search engine optimization (SEO) or managing pay per click (PPC) ads.

Normally, I use the Google Keyword tool which is good, but when I taught Search Engine Marketing at UC Berkeley Extension last weekend, Cuneyt Baycan (one of my brilliant professional students who is a great marketer), suggested I look at the Google Wonder Wheel.

It is like the Google Keyword tool, BUT SO MUCH EASIER TO USE AND UNDERSTAND!  Check it out – if you search a phrase you can go to the left hand side and click Wonder Wheel (see how below)

Look to the Left - Click the Wonder Wheel link to see expanded phrases!

Next, you see a wonder wheel of other phrases that match your searched word!  You can see what phrases also describe your products and/or services and add them to your SEO list or to your Paid Search key phrases that you buy on Google, Yahoo or Bing.

You can click any phrase to have it expand to other phrases based on your interest

It’s my new web marketing fave new toy – go geek out!!  Happy search engine marketing!!!!

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