There is a Web Marketing Therapy laundry list of blogging best practices to boost SEO, listed below are just a few of those best practices to help you get started.

1.  Use keywords and key phrases in your blog titles.
It is important to make blog titles search friendly because it helps the search engine spiders find your blog faster and descriptive blog titles will help attract more blog readers.  This is a simple step to help you get more bang for your blog buck!

MUY IMPORTANTE tip! 1B.  ALSO Use targeted keywords in headlines, copy, linked text, blog tags, blog categories, image titles, etc.

2. Make sure your blog post URL’s are search friendly (they need to be Static URL’s.)
Static URLs are typically ranked better in search engine results pages, and they are indexed more quickly than dynamic URLs.  If you use Word Press you can use a tool called Permalinks.  Blogger automatically uses the blog title to create the URL (another important reason to use keywords in your blog title.)

3. “It is not a good idea to have duplicate blogs.”
A student recently asked: “Is it bad for SEO to have an embedded blog (from blogger) on your main site and have the blogspot blog still alive on blogger?”

Miguel Salcido provides his expert opinion on duplicate blogs - thanks Miguel!
Miguel Salcido provides his expert opinion on duplicate blogs – thanks Miguel!

According to Miguel Salcido from eVisibility, “It is not a good idea to have duplicate blogs.  It will not kill you to have them if you make sure that the content goes up and gets spidered on your main site first so that it gets attributed as the original source in Google’s eyes, or any other search engine for that matter. But it will also probably dilute the strength of the original source as well.”

I agree with Miguel, it is too time consuming to make sure your original blog source gets read on all of the search engines first, you might as well just have one strong source for your blog.

I also believe that duplicate blogs will mess up your web analytics tracking because there are two separate locations tracking visitors and clicks. One way to overcome the pain of removing the blog second location, is to replace it with a blog feed on the home page of your site.  This is a great tool, because visitors will be able to see when a new blog post is published and it also increases blog visibility because new content is being updated on your site (which search engine spiders love)!

Like I said before these are just a few blogging best practice tips to boost SEO, to get more call your Wild Web Women.


  • Hi Nicki!
    Just wondering what static URL’s are. Also, does this mean I should reword my blogs to put on other over-50 sites?

  • Hi Sue! It is so nice to hear from you, the contents of the web page for the Static URL’s stay the same, dynamic URLs are generated from specific queries to a site’s database. Coming soon: a blog post detailing the differences.

    Your blog URL’s are static. It’s always important to use keywords and keyphrases in blog titles, and all web copy to promote your site 🙂

  • I am new to this marketing advice website. I am lost as to what you’re referring to and need a beginners course in website marketing. Can you suggest where I can begin to learn? I need to start somewhere and don’t know where that is.

    Thank you.

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