Blogging demonstrates your expertise!
Blogging demonstrates your expertise!

My guilty pleasure is gossip magazines and online entertainment news (there, I said it out loud-no more sneaking online to get a quick fix!) I love to take a few moments to read through entertainment and see what the latest buzz is about . After I plugged in the address I glanced at “Today’s Picks” on msn, which lists two or three stories that MSN claims is worth reading. The third story mentioned today was “How a Blog Can Get You a Job“. There’s not a ton of good gossip tonight, so I thought I would see what they had to say. (No, I don’t need a job, I LOVE my Pajama PR Team!!!)

If you read through this blog, you’ll notice a trend-we LOVE blogs. They hold a valid spot in marketing your business by letting potential customers see an authentic you as well as demonstrate your expertise or provide reasons why they MUST BUY your product or your services! This particular article paints a different picture of a blog…it states “it can be a resume in motion”.

It’s a great point and the theory behind it makes sense for businesses as well. You may not be looking for a job, but you are looking for clients or consumers. Blogging demonstrates that you know your stuff and it does it in a very public forum! It creates a network of readers and fans and establishes you as an expert in your respective field.

For those of you that are interested in how to use your blog as a resume, check out LorelleonWordPress, a popular blog on all things WordPress (Technorati ranks her as the 2,100 most popular blog out of the 112 million blogs they follow…that is pretty darn popular!). She provides a list of things to consider when using your blog as a resume.

Whether you are blogging to get a job or to get business…demonstrate your smarts by posting your wisdom for the world to see!


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